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Part 1: Machines

August 14, 2012 – Day 1

It was a cold day in the land of Teufort. The sun was blanketed by clouds. An eerie silence purged through the area. No animals were heard. No birds, no beasts, nothing except the looming thunder in the distance. Two teams of mercenaries, usually at war with one another, recently came under the events of both their leaders, Redmond and Blutarch Mann, being recently murdered by their sibling, Gray Mann. Now nine mercenaries were at a standing point, since Gray had his own army pointed against them. These mercenaries were RED Scout, BLU Soldier, RED Pyro, BLU Demoman, RED Heavy, RED Engineer, BLU Medic, BLU Sniper, and BLU Spy.
A snowstorm gently raged through the area. Nine men, some once enemies, now all of them partners, waited at the local tavern. Some had themselves a drink, others were locked in conversation, the rest looked out at the large tank that loomed in the distance.
"I vonder vhat could be in zat tank." Medic said. He, Heavy and Scout were conversing around the fireplace.
"I dunno, Doc," Scout said. "But whatever it is, it looks bad."
"Scout is right." Heavy replied. "I think what is in tank is bad. Is no problem for Heavy, but is problem for team. Da."
Soldier, Demoman and Engie were at the bar having drinks.
"No sir, I do not like what is out there. But the idea of killing some maggots does sound appealing." Soldier said.
'Sure thing, Solly." Scout said.
"Did I ask you a question?!" Soldier yelled.
"No I did not!"
Demoman belched loudly.
Meanwhile, outside on the roof, Spy, Sniper and Pyro were looking at the tank. Sniper was viewing the tank from his scope while Spy used binoculars. Pyro was amusing himself with a lighter. He didn't really like the cold.
"Piss." Sniper muttered to himself. It certainly was a large tank, large enough to hold a small army. He was also certain that this was courtesy of that Gray Mann character he was told about by Miss Pauling. He muttered something else to himself and Spy heard him.
"What's the problem?" Spy asked.
"You know bloody well what the problem is, and it's that tank. I have no idea what this 'Gray' character has in store for us, but it's not good." Sniper replied.
"Hrmpht hr hrm huddah?"  Pyro asked.
"Well, the problem is, my, er, friend, that that tank in the distance is not good." Spy replied. He gave the binoculars to Pyro to look at the tank with.

Back inside, the others were pondering who or what was inside the tank.
"Obviously, they've sent an army of Hippies to do us in." Soldier argued.
"But hippies *burp* cannae fight." Demoman replied. "They're just wee pansies!"
Engineer sighed. He knew what it was.
"Actually, two years ago, I was commissioned by an anonymous benefactor designs for a Robotic Army based upon all of us. I'm sure that this is the result of that."
Everyone stared at him.
"So what you're saying, brudda, is that Someone asked you to make robotic clones of ourselves." Scout said.
"Yes, fellas, but I had no idea that this would have happened. I'm sorry."
Everyone looked back at each other, and then back at him.
"Vell, ve can't just argue about past mistakes, ve need to look at vhat ve know now. Ze third brother of our founders has murdered them both, and is going to destroy vhat's left of the company with a mechanical army." Medic said. "However, since zis army is based on ourselves, ve all can easily destroy it, since ve all have had years of experience in killing ourselves."
"Medic is right." Heavy replied. "Tiny, baby robots are no problem for new Team."
Scout got up from his chair. "I'm going up to the roof to tell our 'new team' about what's going on."

The storm raged on. Spy discarded his cigarette and replaced it for a new one. He asked Pyro to light it, which Pyro was all too happy to do so. Pyro loved fire. Spy was just putting the cigarette I his mouth, when Scout came up to the roof. Sniper, Spy, and Pyro looked up to see what he had to say.
"Hey, Freak, not-my-Father, and Camper guy! It turns out that Engie was asked to make a robot army for Gray two years ago, and that the robots are based on us."
Sniper and Spy were deeply insulted, but quite interested in this news.
"Well, how's about that? The juvenile delinquent is actually useful for once!" Sniper said.
"Yes, yes he was. I'll congratulate him to his mother after the ordeal." Spy replied.
"You both suck!" Scout exclaimed. He then left angrily.
The three on the roof looked at each other before examining the tank again.
"A mechanical army, huh? Well if the miserable jackrabbit is right, then we're in for some trouble." Sniper said.
Spy looked at the tank and cursed at it in French.
Pyro felt cold. He didn't like it, so he went inside.
The storm went on. Thunder rumbled in the distance. Whatever was going to happen, it was going to happen soon.
Mann vs. Machine
A TF2 story by C. P. Studios
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